Lewis Label Products


  • Q: How long has Lewis Label Products been in business?

    Lewis Label Products has been in business since 1964 and has been manufacturing high quality pressure sensitive labels and flexible packaging products ever since. In fact, Lewis Label Products celebrated 50 years of delivering excellent products and customer service in 2014.
  • Q: What kind of printing does Lewis Label Products do?

    Lewis Label Products can print using flexography, letterpress, hot stamp and cold stamp printing processes.
  • Q: What is flexography?

    Flexography is a printing process that uses a flexible material to transfer ink to the web or substrate.
  • Q: How does flexography work?

    In flexography, a liquid ink is transferred to an anilox roll, which then transfers the ink to a printing plate mounted on a plate roll. The printing plate is made of a flexible material with a raised image. Ink transfers from the anilox roll to the raised image on the printing plate to the web.
  • Q: What types of inks does flexography use?

    Water-based, solvent-based and ultraviolet (UV) are the three most common types of ink used in the flexographic printing industry. Water-based and solvent-based inks are normally associated with flexographic printing.
  • Q: How should we send you the artwork?

    The artwork can be e-mailed to our PrePress (prepress@lewislabel.com) department. You may also send us electronic art, separated negatives, one up, or a black and white mechanical. Please use crop marks and bulls eyes for placement. Please see our ftp guidelines for directions on how to upload art to our ftp site.
  • Q: Which electronic format is best for logos?

    We prefer to receive high resolution pdf files or eps files with vector art. For complex images, please consult with our PrePress department.
  • Q: Is there a charge for custom PMS colors?

    Lewis Label Products has standard Pantone colors to choose from, this is particularly helpful for customers who say they just want a red or dark blue. There is no up-charge for a nonstandard PMS colors.
  • Q: What is your delivery time for custom labels?

    New jobs typically take 10 to 12 working days depending on what type of material, adhesive, and printing needs to be done. Simple custom labels take the shortest time, and more complex custom labels, longer. This is from the time we receive approved camera ready art. Repeat orders usually take from 7 to 10 working days from receipt of order.
  • Q: Do you produce rush jobs?

    Yes. However there will typically be an expedite fee charged in order to cover any overtime that may be incurred as well as the interruption of other jobs that will be broken into to run the rush job.
  • Q: How long will it take to receive a proof after I have sent an electronic file?

    Generally, it takes between 1 to 3 days, depending on the complexity. We have several options for our customers on receiving proofs. We can create a PDF file and e-mail the file back for quicker approval. Laser proofs and match prints are also available.
  • Q: What are the credit terms?

    For new customers, we require that a credit application be completed and returned before we start the job. For first orders, we require half the payment upfront and the balance paid before shipping. Or we will take payment via Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover or shipped UPS C.O.D. Once credit references have been contacted and assuming the references provide positive feedback terms of Net 30 will be established.
  • Q: How do I find out what’s the best material to use for my application?

    Talk with one of our experienced sales representatives or customer service representatives. Important questions to ask yourself include, what the label is being applied to; how long do you want it to stay on; is it being applied in below freezing conditions; will it go into freezing conditions after application; is the label going outdoors and subject to UV sunlight; will it be subjected to harsh conditions such as cleaning solvents; is it being placed on a flat, smooth surface, or small diameter curved surfaces? All of these factors will determine what is the best pressure sensitive product to use. We will also send you samples of the pressure sensitive product(s) we recommend. It is very important for you to test these samples first before placing an order.
  • Q: Does Lewis Label Products only use pressure sensitive paper materials?

    No. In addition to using pressure sensitive paper, we also use non-pressure sensitive paper, foils and different types of films which include flexible packaging and shrink films.
  • Q: Can Lewis Label Products produce Variable Data?

    Yes. Lewis Label Products can print bar codes, UPC codes and QR codes. However, the codes must be of a certain size so that it will scan properly. If a truncated, or undersized, code is required, the customer must sign a waiver that holds Lewis Label Products harmless should the code not scan properly. Additionally, Lewis Label Products can produce consecutive numbering.
  • Q: I need to test a small quantity of labels. How much will it cost?

    Please discuss the sample size required with one of our experienced sales representatives or customer services representatives and we can determine the most economical way to provide a small sample run.
  • Q: Does Lewis Label Products print 4 color process, graduated screens, halftones, spot colors or varnishes?

    Yes, we usually print with a 150 line screen but can also print up to 175 line screen.
  • Q: What does pressure sensitive mean?

    Pressure sensitive labels will adhere with only applied pressure. We have a wide variety of adhesives from which to choose. From permanent to removable and high temperature to low temperature. We can meet your adhesive requirements.
  • Q: What is the difference between a die cut and a butt-cut label?

    Untitled-1_03Die-cut labels have a shape and spacing between each label on the roll.

    Untitled-1_06Butt-cut labels have square corners and no spacing between each label on the roll.

  • Q: What finishing options do I have for my labels?

    Untitled-1_03-03Lewis Label Products can finish your labels in stacked sheets or finished on rolls. You can choose from eight different wind directions, depending on how your labels will be applied to your container. The different wind directions are: