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Cold Foil Printing

Lewis Label Products, a one-stop destination for label printing, provides cutting-edge Cold Foil printing services for an array of applications. A highly effective labeling solution for products that call for a strong shelf appeal, such as household consumables, wine labels and cosmetic products packaging, cold foil printing provides a rich metallic appeal, making the products an eye magnet for prospective customers.

How It’s Done

People often misconstrue cold foil printing to be a replacement for hot foil, which is simply untrue. Cold foil printing takes the idea of hot foil stamping and makes the printing process more cost-effective and convenient. It works on rotary flexographic presses, closely imitating hot foil stamping technique. There, however, is a thin line difference between the two. Cold Foil Printing, unlike hot stamping, is transferred onto a surface as a flat application rendering a distinct characteristic and appeal to the label.

Why Cold Foil Printing?

  • Produce large, solid areas of foil
  • Allows heat sensitive thin films not suitable for hot stamping to be foil stamped
  • Let the foil shrink and expand to a small degree without cracking
  • Cost-effective and faster speed-to-market ratio
  • Broad sales and marketing opportunities
  • Eco-friendly- cold foil transferred products are biodegradable and easily recyclable
  • Enables readability of EAS (electronic article surveillance) tags
  • Printing multiple colors of foil at the same time.

We, at, Lewis Label Products, are committed to provide world-class cold foil printing services, with the ultimate aim to help you make your product stand out from the clutter.

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