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Agricultural labels, besides providing information regarding the use, storage and shelf life of pesticides, fertilizers, seeds and other agriculture products, speak volumes about the credibility of the manufacturer. The US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) has issued strict guidelines for agricultural labels.

Lewis Label’s team, with proven expertise in manufacturing agricultural labels, give due space to ‘restraint statements’, designed by our customers to ensure that the labels adhere to the USDA’s Label Submission and Approval System. The restraint statements usually refer to the ‘DO NOT…’ statements and we put them on separate lines. Some examples of restraint statements include:

  • DO NOT apply if rain is expected within 2 hours.
  • DO NOT apply by Aircraft.
  • DO NOT apply to plants suffering stress.


Assured Quality

Committed to deliver unmatched quality and value, we follow a multi-tier quality control protocol, at each step of production, ensuring that you get nothing but flawless labels, perfectly in line with your brand attributes.

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