Lewis Label Products

Animal Products

Lewis Label provides a wide range of labels for dairy and meat products. Our animal product labels clearly elaborate welfare condition of animals – as mandated by federal guideline – and inform customers whether the animal lived in a natural or caged environment.

Our Animal Product Labels

  • Certified Organic Label
  • Grass-Fed label
  • 5-Step Animal Welfare Rating Program Label
  • No Tail Docking Label
  • Cage-Free Label
  • Grain-Fed Label
  • Natural & Naturally Raised

Who We Are
Lewis Label, for more than 50 years, has been a constant among the leading label solution providers in the United States. Our pressure-sensitive labels, made using state-of-the-art equipment, premium materials, and expert hands, promise the best in terms of quality and value. We employ a team of widely experienced label experts who understand every intricacy involved in the design and production of animal product labels.

In addition, we also organize workshops and training sessions to make our label experts acquainted with the latest development in the label designing and printing.

Call Us for a Free Consultation
If you wish to learn more about our animal product label printing services or related federal guidelines, simply call 800-772-7728 (toll free) or 817-834-7334.