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Pressure Sensitive Label Printing

Lewis Label Products, a leading name in the field of label printing, offers a wide spectrum of services to accommodate diverse needs, with pressure sensitive label printing being no exception. Equipped with cutting-edge printing technologies, we specialize in the design and production of pressure sensitive labels, precisely tailored to the specifics of our clients and their products.

Why Choose Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Pressure sensitive labels are self-adhesive and can be applied with a little pressure, without the need of activation or heat, which make them ideal for an array of applications. These labels have release liners that protect the adhesive and assist label handling. Pressure Sensitive Labels are usually produced on rolls and are either hand- or machine-applied to finished products.


  • Easy application
  • Excellent representation with no bubbles or wrinkles
  • Large choice of size and shape options
  • Great features such as backside printing, textures inks, perforations and foil stamping
  • Water, humidity and extreme pressure resistant

Common Applications of Pressure Sensitive Labels

Application of pressure sensitive labels are categorized on basis of permanent application and removal application.

Permanent Application

Permanent pressure sensitive labels have high-grade adhesion-values, and therefore, can support up to 1 kilogram of weight per square centimeter of contact area. These labels are ideal for safety labels of air-filtration ductwork, power equipment and sound damping films.

Removable Application

Designed for temporary bonding needs, removable pressure sensitive labels do not leave any adhesive residue on the surface, after removal. These labels are used in masking tapes, note papers, bookmarks, promotional graphic materials, and skin contacts, among others.

Need More Info?

We understand that choosing a label printing partner is a vital decision for your business, and therefore, you may have certain questions. Should you wish to learn more about our pressure sensitive label printing solutions, please feel free to contact us.