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Shrink Sleeve Printing

Lewis Label Products is a trusted provider of shrink sleeve printing for all types of products.  Research into consumer buying trends affirm that buying decisions are notably influenced by visual stimulation, validating the need to ensure high quality product packaging. Committed to deliver nothing but the best in terms of quality and value, we offer an easy and cost-effective solution for manufacturers to differentiate their products and brand, whether on market shelves or at a launch. Embracing diverse shapes and colors, Lewis Label’s shrink sleeves provide 360° billboard graphics on contoured containers for a dynamic shelf presence.

Why Choose Shrink Sleeve Printing?

  • Abrasion and moisture resistant
  • Rich graphics, colors and 360° design
  • Adaptiveness and ability to cater to special shapes and sizes
  • No use of adhesive makes packaging recyclable

Need More Reasons?

  • Shrink sleeve printing features a smooth finishing and captivating graphics.
  • Compared to traditional pressure sensitive labels, shrink labels are much more durable.

Boost your Sales with Premium Shrink Sleeve Printing

At Lewis Label Products, we thoroughly understand the significance of presentation and packaging in influencing consumer buying decisions. Aligned with this understanding, we embrace the latest in technology to deliver exciting colors and graphics in a way that enhances product presentation and optimizes sales. Our team of quality assurance professionals closely monitors all phases of production, ensuring impeccable quality and finish.

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We offer custom shrink sleeve printing solutions for a variety of products, ensuring timely delivery and the desired quality. Should you wish to learn more about our shrink sleeve printing services, please feel free to contact us.