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The Correct Procedure for Custom Label Printing

Is there a standard procedure for customized label printing? Customized label printing is a highly creative process. Custom labels should be attractive, durable and informative. They must communicate the qualities and the general perception of the product that they are designed for while also generating sales. This, however, is a tricky balance that requires close communication between the design and printing professionals.

The success of a Custom label largely depends on the print quality that is used to bring a label design to life. A unique and attractively designed label will only achieve the desired results if the final custom printed label is of high quality. If the print is out of register, or the colors are not spot-on or heaven forbid, if there are misspelled words, the product is doomed to languishing on the shelf. The lesson learned here is that design and Custom Label Printing are of equal importance and neither is successful without the other..

However, the design and printing of the label is just the start. Once the label has been designed and printed, it must then be applied to the product container. Selecting the correct adhesive is extremely important. The adhesive must be selected so that the label performs correctly on the container. You will need to consider the environment in which the label will be applied (hot or cold; wet or dry) and the environment in which the product will be displayed (freezer or cooler; inside or outside; direct sunlight or direct moisture; etc.) in order to have the comfort that your label will perform as intended. Try going for a perfect combination of design, printing quality and performance and your objective will be achieved. This is where the professionals at Lewis Label Products (http://www.lewislabel.com), can help you. Our 50+ years of printing experience and unmatched customer service can help you achieve your goals. Call us at 800-772-7728 to let us guide you through the entire process.